About us

We are devoted to give you as a client, services which create value and aggregate corporate law, economics, and administration.

About Servando

We are devoted to give you as a client, services which create value and aggregate corporate law, economics and administration.

We require by our self’s that our services will deliver the highest quality and service and seek to deliver them in an ongoing personal relation.

We have run Servando for more than 20 years and managed thousands of assignments. The experience from these assignments together with the consultants’ earlier experiences and educations give us a wide collected knowledge to run efficient assignments which consider several solutions.

We often hear from others that what makes us unique is our service and personal relation. We build our business and assignments on engagement, happiness and to make it together.

Business idea and valuations

Servando¬īs business idea is to be a support to shareholders in corporate law, economics and administration to create and manage an efficient company structure.

We want our services to facilitate and efficient the shareholding and running of companies with support to run the business efficient, make it compliant, decrease risk and save time for you as client.

All employees share a common interest and engagement to give you as a client the best possible service and value. We are driven by a will, and are satisfied, when we receive feedback which shows that our services have resulted in increased profit for you as a client.

Our culture is driven by engagement, happiness and to act together with clients and colleagues.

We grow together

We always want to connect with good people to establish a relation which could lead to an employment in short or long term. We want to build our business with the right persons who can assist to develop our business at the same time as we could offer a developing job for the individual. We as a company looks for a variation to deliver services which considers several scopes.

We at Servando

Our team

Fredrik Ståhl


Phone: +46 8-545 66 130
Cell phone: +46 70-232 88 48
E-mail: fredrik.stahl@servando.se

Det är en stor glädje och utmaning att få leda Servando. Jag drivs av att skapa ett företag i ständig tillväxt genom tjänster som gör nytta och uppskattas av kunder med högt ställda krav. Det är samtidigt en utmaning och stimulerande att få motivera och utveckla medarbetare för att vi tillsammans ska nå våra mål. Både kollegor och kunder bidrar till en variation och stimulans som gör det roligt att gå till jobbet varje dag.


2006 -, Servando Bolag
2003 – 2006, Servando Law
Marknadsansvarig och affärsområdesansvarig bolagstjänster
1996 Р2002, KPMG
Revisor samt marknadsansvarig tillväxtföretag Stockholm
1994 Р1996, Revidere


Svenska och engelska


1991-1994, Stockholms universitet
Ekonomikandidatexamen (civilekonom)

Ann Sundin 2

Ann Sundin

Economy manager, consultant Liquidations and Economics

Phone: +46 8-545 66 135
Cell phone: +46 70-779 63 72
E-mail: ann.sundin@servando.se


2023¬†–¬†Servando Bolag
Ekonomiansvarig och konsult avvecklingstjänster
2021 – 2023, Klara Consulting
Redovisningskonsult, gruppchef
2019 – 2021, Servando Bolag
Konsult avvecklingar och ekonomi
2005 – 2019, Matrisen/Accountor
Auktoriserad redovisningskonsult, säljare


Svenska och engelska 


2004 – 2005, Franz Schartaus Handelsskola

Maria Edward

Consultant Liquidations and Economics

Phone: +46 8-545 66 138
Cell phone: +46 70-284 51 41
E-mail: maria.edward@servando.se


2021-, Servando Bolag
Konsult avvecklingar och ekonomi

2020-2021, Winwin Ekonomi

2013-2018, Cargo Care
Teamleader sales

2008-2009, MCA Airlines Sweden

2005-2008, Sterling Airlines

2004-2005, Nordic Airlink

2001-2004, SAS


Svenska och engelska


2018-2020, Stockholm School of Business
Yrkeshögskola, redovisningskonsult

Servando Lu Chen

Lu Chen

Accounting and Liquidation economics

Phone: +46 8-545 66 136
Cell phone: +46 73-988 33 34
E-mail: lu.chen@servando.se


2022-, Servando Bolag

2021-2022, RH Redovisning


Svenska, engelska, kinesiska och japanska


2019-2021, TUC Yrkeshögskola
Yrkeshögskola, redovisningsekonom

Alva Höglund Hestréus

Part time Consultant Corporate Law

Phone: +46 8-545 66 139
E-mail: alva.hestreus@servando.se

Edvin Pasalic Jansson

Part time Consultant Corporate Law

Phone: +46 8-545 66 139
E-mail: edvin.pasalic.jansson@servando.se

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