Servando assists you through the whole legal process for a voluntary liquidation.

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Guidance and implementation

You could use us for a dialogue and advice before your decision of a wind up and voluntary liquidation where we could inform you about the process and any alternatives.

With our assistance in a liquidation assignment, we draft decision- and registration documents, appoint a liquidator, draft of final financial report and make the shift where assets are transferred to the shareholders. We also act like project leader with instructions to the shareholders through the whole process for nearly a year.

Additional service with accounting

As an additional service Servando can also take responsibility for the administrative management with accounting, year end closing, annual reports, declarations and make payments during the liquidation.

Please send us a copy of the companyÂŽs latest annual report and an updated balance sheet and profit and loss statement and we will reply with instructions to proceed for an assignment of liquidation.

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