Fast liquidation

Sell your dormant company to us for immediate liquidation. You will receive the company value as purchase price, and we guarantee liquidation for your security.

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Efficient and safe wind up

After more than 20 years’ experience and thousands done wind ups and liquidations have, we received a large competence and experience which we use in all new assignments to give you as our client the most efficient and safe wind up service in the market.

With a fast liquidation you can fast sell your company, receive¬†the company¬īs value cash and feel totally safe that Servando directly will start and run a voluntary liquidation which otherwise take nearly one year.

We take responsibility for the whole process

In our service we appoint a liquidator, draft the former board¬īs financial report, manage the accounting during the liquidation, draft an annual report and final financial report, income tax returns and have all the contacts with the registration office and the auditor, if one. When the company is purchased, we take responsibility for the whole liquidation where our fee includes all parts.

Complete offer

Please send us a copy of the company¬īs latest annual report together with an updated balance sheet and profit and loss statement, and we will reply with a complete offer with any assumptions, instructions, fee and offered purchase price and next step to get further.

Our fee is included in the purchase price for the shares which is calculated as the company¬īs equity reduced with our fee.

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