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Servando Bolag AB

Servando Bolag ABŽs (Reg. No. 556703-1066) board of directors are Fredrik StÄhl (even CEO), Daniel Andersson and Andreas Hager.

Servando Bolag AB has a 100% own subsidiary Servando Snabbavveckling AB (Reg. No. 556703-0548) with the board of directors Fredrik StÄhl and Daniel Andersson.

Signing on behalf of the companies are done by the board or by the board members individually in each company.

Both companies are approved for corporate tax and have their registered office in Stockholm.

Servando Bolag ABÂŽs bank giro is 5920-0246. For international payments, IBAN: SE0750000000052011068304 and BIC: ESSESESS.

Servando Bolag ABÂŽs VAT number is: SE556703106601.

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