You as a client

At Servando we work with companies in all sizes and all business and especially the individuals who owns or manage these companies.

We support your business

Many of our clients runs and manage their own companies. We offer services with a support to manage and own these companies, often in growth.

Other clients are big or listed companies through a CFO or a legal counsel. Our services support mergers and acquisition, create efficient company structures and can relieve both accounting and legal departments with high workload.

Local contact and support

Several international groups and shareholders request a local contact and support for their manage of their Swedish companies.

We often get in contact with clients who has been recommended us from other consultants who valuable to offer services which complement their own services, for example auditors, accountants and lawyers.

We look forward to your feedback

At Servando we are extremely motivated that our services create value for our clients. We always welcome feedback inside, or outside, the assignments to improve our services based on our clients demands and requests. Beside our ongoing dialogue and feedback, we also send surveys after finalized assignments to complement and qualify the feedback how we have delivered the assignments.

Please, answer our survey

In the survey there are grades, 1-6, on the assignment’s quality, service, relation, communication and fees. After many years and thousands of asked clients we are very proud of the average grade between 5,6 and 5,7. To add the number grades there is also a possibility to leave own feedback. It is with big satisfaction we have received several quotes like this:

”Fast and clear answers on questions. Have never cooperated with such efficient consultants. Good work!”

Do you have any questions?

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Call us and we will assist you with your questions.