Issue of new shares

Servando assists through the whole process with decisions, implementation, and registration in different situations for issuing of new shares.

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Assignment based on your conditions

We assist you regardless type of issue, cash, non-cash, or bonus. We design the assignment based on your conditions with number of shareholders and which parts in the issue you seek assistance for. If you wish, we are glad to take responsibility for whole process from dialogue regarding the process, drafts of decisions- and registration documents, general meetings, project leading and registration.

Important to do everything right

To achieve the goal with the issue and increasing the capital it is important to do right through all steps to avoid reprehension from shareholder, wrong registrations or later claims for repayment of issued amounts. We make the decisions according to the companies act and the articles of association, that call for, and running, of general meetings are done correctly, we assist with project leading with contacts with bank and auditor and finally update of the share register.

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