Board- and management role in investment companies

Complete service to establish, run and manage an investment company.

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Management and running an investment company

In bigger cooperations with asset managers, Servando can offer a full scope service for a Swedish investment company. The company is often a part of endowment insurance structure and is owned by the asset manager with the purpose to invest in non-listed companies, mostly in Sweden, which might not be possible directly by the international asset manager or endowment insurance.

Complete service

Servando take a full scope and starts to provide a shelf company and assist with the whole establish process. Servando will take the roles as board member and deputy board member at same time as we take care of the companyÂŽs accounting and year end filings and declarations. In the role as board member, we will make investments due to instructions from the shareholder and stand for a legal review regarding each investment. Servando also acts like shareholders in the invested companies at general meetings or issuing new shares.

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