Closing assistance before and during liquidations

As a complement to our different wind up services, we also offer different assignments to make your company ready for a wind up.

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We update the accounting in the company

Before a fast liquidation, a liquidation, or a merger there is normally requirements that the companyÂŽs accounting is updated and that all annual reports and income tax returns are filed with the authorities. In our service we can update the accounting or draft and file a missing annual report or income tax return.

We can also offer an administrative wind up service with cancels of agreements, insurances, and others.

Accounting during the liquidation

As a complement to our legal assistance in a liquidation we can help with the accounting and economics during the liquidation. Normally, a such assignment involves the ongoing accounting, draft of the former board of directors financial report and an eventual annual report, income tax returns and contacts with the companyÂŽs auditor.

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